June 2017

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (17th June 2017) Possibility of ’87-like correction this fall Podcast (starts at 19:50)

April 2017

■ Robin Griffiths – Money Makers with Jonathan Davis (25th April 2017) Markets are getting ‘Too Hot To Handle’: Medium- and long-term asset allocation given cyclical highs and lows Podcast


March 2017 

■ Robin Griffiths – CNBC (6th March 2017) Markets face a reality check in the second half of this year Video


January 2017

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (28th January 2017) Market outlook in wake of Trump win and strong market
NB: Starts at 20:00. Drag audio scroll bar to 20:00 and press play.


October 2016

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (29th October 2016) Global economy slowing, risks increasing

■ Robin Griffiths – IG TV (5th October 2016) Gold at $1900 next year when equity indices drop back Video

August 2016

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (13th August 2016) We are very early days into a Precious Metals Bull Market

■ Robin Griffiths – CNBC (11th August 2016) Now is the wrong moment to buy on the FTSE Video

June 2016

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (18th June 2016) Total Returns will be modest for overvalued stocks

March 2016

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (2nd April 2016) Final Lows of this Bear Market not likely until 2017 (Click below to hear audio or here)

■ Robin Griffiths – CNBC (29 March 2016)  Definitely in a bear market now Video

February 2016

■ Ron William  – IG (26 February 2016)  Dow could lose 6000 points over the next ‘year or two’  Video 

■ Robin Griffiths (Quoted) – CityA.M. What happens when you talk markets on Facebook by Louisa Bojesen

■ Robin Griffiths – CNBC, Street Signs (16 February 2016)  Dow has potential to retrace half of 2009 bull market Video  and Slides


January 2016

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (16th January 2016): The Problem Isn’t the US Economy – It’s an Overvalued Stock Market (Click below to hear audio or here)

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense(20th January 2016): More Panic Ahead with Oil moving towards $20


December 2015

■ Robin Griffiths – CNBC, European Closing Bell (8th December 2015) Video  and CNBC TV Interview Slides


October 2015

■ Robin Griffiths – CNBC, Tokyo Japan (6th October 2015) Key Themes feature coverage on the latest Dow Theory Bear Sell Signal which favours a primary trend downward – and China’s crash now becoming oversold into support at 2720  Video

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (17th October 2015) Strong Seasonal Rally Ahead. Use it to raise cash (Click below to hear audio or here)

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (22nd October 2015) – Developing Bear Market and Long Term Shift to Asia


September 2015

■ Robin Griffiths – CNBC, European Closing Bell (04th September 2015) The Bull is Dead. We are in a Bear Market Video


August 2015

■ Robin Griffiths & Rashpal Sohan – Technical Analyst (August 2015): Rising Fear Assets Signal Danger

■ Ron William – Technical Analyst (August 2015): Autumn Risk for Equities


July 2015

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense(11 July 2015): Blue Chip US Stocks Safer Bet Than Treasuries – But Look to China and India for Growth

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (13th July 2015): China Stock Market Crash Brings Opportunity Not Crisis


April 2015

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (25th April 2015): Potential Second Half Breakout, But US Markets Moving Into Bubble Territory

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense (27th April 2015): US to Have Another in 2016 and 2017


January 2015

■ Robin Griffiths – Financial Sense(17th Jan 2015): U.S. Still the Safe Haven for Global Investment – Dollar Rally to Continue


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