Top 5 Brands of Vegan Kids’ Shoes

When it comes to shoes for your children, consider investing in a pair of vegan kids shoes. They are designed with the child’s feet in mind and are made to keep them comfortable and supported. When they wear these shoes, they’ll stay cool and dry even on the hottest days of summer. Many people think of vegans as not sweating, but this is not necessarily the case. Children do sweat a bit, but not as much as non-vegans. Luckily, vegan trainers allow children to still perspire without being too hot or irritating.

vegan kids shoesIf you’re searching for vegan kids shoes for your little one, you’re lucky. Finding vegan children’s shoes can be difficult, but luckily, many companies online produce shoes for kids without the use of animal products. So you’ll be able to find a great pair of shoes for your child without compromising style. Read on to learn more about some of the best vegan kids’ shoe brands. Here are a few of my favourites:


If you’re looking for the best vegan kids’ shoes available, look no further than Skechers. They offer high-quality vegan kids’ shoes, flip-flops, and more! In addition, many of their shoes are made from animal-friendly materials, like PU and polyurethane. So whether you’re shopping for a new pair of sandals for the kids or are looking for an excellent pair of sneakers for the office, Skechers is sure to have a shoe for you!

Lil’s Souls

Lil’s Souls makes vegan kids’ shoes and clothing. Founded by a Hong Kong mum, the company donates a portion of each sale to the clean water cause. They also provide free international shipping. In addition to offering vegan children’s shoes, Lil’s Souls offers a variety of other children’s clothing. The brand’s website also features more than sixty brands, including many made by vegan designers.


If you want to help the environment, consider purchasing vegan kids’ shoes from Toms. Blake Mycoskie founded the LA-based company. The company has long been focused on giving back to the community. However, after witnessing firsthand the plight of children without shoes, Mycoskie decided to start his own company. Since its founding in 2005, TOMS has donated nearly one hundred million pairs of shoes to children worldwide. Additionally, the company has invested in many non-profit groups and has donated $1 out of every three pairs of shoes sold.


When buying your child’s first pair of shoes, check the materials used. For example, Vivobarefoot uses organic and sustainable materials, and its shoes are made from leather sourced from free-range cattle. These shoes also support the environment by participating in city clean-ups and tree-planting campaigns. And because they’re environmentally friendly, you can feel good knowing that your child is wearing a good product for them and the environment.

Ten Little

The brand has a simple but effective ethos: to create high-quality vegan kids’ shoes while ensuring sustainability. The company’s shoes are made with the well-being of children in mind, using a flat, flexible sole and a foot-shaped toe box. The shoes are also approved by PETA and contain no PVC or leather, which is great news for vegan parents and the environment. The shoes also come with fun stickers for your little ones to enjoy.


If you’re looking for a pair of kids’ shoes that are cute and comfortable, Clamfeet’s collection is a great choice. Designed by a LA mom, Clamfeet’s cotton canvas moccasins are available in wide and narrow sizes. It allows your child’s feet to develop properly without restricting their movement. In addition, the eco-friendly, vegan-friendly materials used in the construction of Clamfeet shoes are also machine-washable, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go.

Tikki Shoes

You may already be familiar with vegan footwear, but have you heard of Tikki vegan kids shoes? This company is based in Romania and ships worldwide but has temporarily suspended shipping to the UK. For more information about Tikki Kids’ shoes, visit their website. Whether or not you support the vegan lifestyle is up to you, but it is worth checking out their shoes to make sure they meet your standards.